Tanning for Garments

Submitted by Jerry S. on 3/7/00. ( jds@dhc.net )

Have a client who wants a raccoon tanned for a hat. He also has some goat skins to be tanned for garments (vests, etc.). He asked if there was a specific tan for this to avoid later problems with moisture, etc. Any advice appreciated. Jerry S.

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Use a good oil

This response submitted by Trapper Tim on 3/7/00. ( )

Just make sure you use a good oil. Most oils specify their use. Read and choose the best one.

How will he use them?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

He is probably concerned about prespiration. It leaches out most tans if the garment is worn next to the user's skin. It can actually cause a rash. If you notice - most hats and fur coats usually have a lining for that reason! Chrome is the best tan for prespiration resistance. EZ-100 is good too! But it will not withstand boiling water like chrome will. Alum and Lutan F skins require a lining.

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