degrease otter skin?

Submitted by Amanda on 3/7/00. ( )

This maybe a dumb question, but here it is anyway..

Is it ok to degrease an otter skin, or does it mess up the character of the fur? I suppose this would be the same question for a beaver, as they are both aquatic species with specialized fur. The otter skin seems greasy so I was planning on degreasing it, but figured I would ask first.

Thanks for the help.

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never dumb

This response submitted by Frank on 3/7/00. ( )

But to answer yes you must degrease. All animals should be degeased in one way or another. There are also many different type of degreasers out there, from simple stuff as dawn to very hazordous. The choice is yours. Bruce Rittle and Knobloch's also have good degreasers.

Water Animals should be degreased!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/8/00. ( )

Water animals have fat in their flesh to help them cope with cold water. Likewise, it's always best to degrease them while they are in your pickling solution. Otter, Beaver, and Muskrats fall into this category. It shouldnt influence the fur's character at all. Do it after the pickle has had a chance to penetrate and protect the skin, usually after 3 days, you're safe. When you're ready, remove the skin or pelt, drain it for 30 minutes, place it into your degreasing solution, afterwards wash it in a mild detergent, and rinse it well, and then throw it back into the pickle until you are ready to neutralize and tan it. For a degreaser, the commercial degreasers work extremely well, but you can also use Coleman's fuel or Odorless Mineral Spirits too!

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