Using Stop Slip

Submitted by Shannon Taylor on 3/8/00. ( )

Can Stop Slip from Knoblocks be used at any point during the tanning process. (During the pickle or prior to salting to help insure against slippage). If not is there anything that could be used.
Thanks for any help.

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This response submitted by Mark on 3/8/00. ( )

You can use the stop slip during the process, but it works best
on mounts that have already been mounted. We do have people
that uses it after a skin has been mounted. You can mix a
solution of 1 lb of Aluminum Sulfate 1 lb of Salt to each
gallon of water, and soak in solution, now you only need to
do this if the hair is already slipping. If you just want to
safegaurd yourself you can use some Basacryl NBKU in all of you
soaks at 1/8oz per gallon.

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