auto-tanner and lutan f

Submitted by tootie on 3/11/00. ( )

Can i use lutan f in my auto-tanner?

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I don't think you can, here's why.

This response submitted by David Marqua on 3/11/00. ( )

I'm not sure I have the answer for but I have been doing research on this very idea. I have just purchased an auto-tanner as well and have been experimenting. First off all the auto-tanner "speeds up" the pickle process by the use of a pressurized tank. So when you put a hide in the tanner you are essentially just pickling the hide but at a much faster rate. Lutan-F is a tanning agent. My feeling is you still need to go ahead with your pickle then come back and soak the hide overnight in Lutan-F. Don't subsitute Lutan-F in your auto tanner for you pickle.


This response submitted by MarkV. on 3/11/00. ( )

We have also recently purchased an autotanner and in my opinion the best I have tried is the crystals that come with machine. I have tried 2 other types of tanning in it and have come to the conclusion that the Alum tan is the best for the Autotanner. Although I have not tried Lutan in it so cannot give an explanation of results but the stuff I have tanned using the tanning crystals have been excellent. No salting or pickling of course and following the instructions. I have also used Ez-100 with good results. Good luck to you, MarkV.

You bet it'll work!

This response submitted by Rick on 3/13/00. ( )

Makes a real soft hide with a good tan. No pickling or salting needed! 8oz. per pound of hide. Leave in tanner longer and get a better/softer tan. Might want to use liqua tan or liqua soft after words for an added measure. Good luck.


This response submitted by MARK on 3/13/00. ( )

We have tested our PARA TAN tanning agent in the machine and
have had great results. Steve has tested it as well and
liked the results.

I goofed!

This response submitted by Rick on 3/16/00. ( )

Hey, I tried relying on my memory and it's pretty much non-existant anymore! Ha. Anyway, my apologies. Here's the recipe.
Use 1 oz. lutan F per pound of wet hide. (avg. 8 lbs.) Use 5 gallons of water and 3.5 pounds of salt. Pressurize and tan. Overnight makes a real nice tan. You can put a light coat of liqua tan on afterward and it'll make a real nice soft tan. I think you'll be really happy with the results. Good luck.

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