Tumbling question?

Submitted by Ken Miller on 3/8/00. ( )

I am using Lutan F and Pro Plus Oil on cased coyotes. My question is: When should I tumble the furs,(completely dried or damp), how long should they stay in the tumbler (I am using corn cob media)? My main goal is to obtain a real soft fur. Please Help!

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Sawdust is better!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

I have to assume first of all, that you have a 6' X 4' or bigger Drum - otherwise you'll never achieve softness. There simply wont be enough drop! Also it takes a lot of corn cob to equal 100 Lbs.!!!!!!! Thats what Fur Dressers use in their Drums to beat the skins soft. The 100 Lbs. of sawdust helps dry the furs, the friction produces a shine to the guard hairs, and the weight beats the skins soft! Plus it doesnt mush if there is some wetness in your skins - like cob. As far as when - you tumble them after they have been tanned, oiled, sweated, and hung to dry. They should be 95%-99% dry. Add some solvent to the mix to clean up the oil splash and take the natural oils from the fur. It will also help soften them for sanding later. With sawdust and solvent most tanners would run them for 45 minutes - then cage!

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