regrind round knife

Submitted by Jim Grill on 3/12/00. ( )

My fleshing machine blade needs to be reground and I woluld like to purchase a spare blade. Is there any preference here on who I should use. The blade is from a Dakota machine. Are all regrinders and new blades created equal. Jim

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Yes and No

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/13/00. ( )

There is a difference in the material and hardness of blades on the market. Will it make a difference to you? Maybe. Most taxidermists run a blade as long as they can get it to peel something off the skin, so a blade that holds a sharp edge longer might not be as important to them as it is to a tannery.

Since we haven't used a blade that somebody else ground for many years, I can't really tell you if all grinds are equal, but I doubt that they are. If you have a lip size and angle you like and are used to, talk to the people who are going to grind it and ask them to give you something similar to it. If you're not real sure, just have them grind it the way they do theirs and see if that works O K.

All blades should be interchangable, except the small one from Van Dykes, not sure about it, but if that's what you have you'll probably need to send it to them for re-grinding, I doubt if machines for full size blades will handle it, I know mine won't.

Hows it done

This response submitted by Andy on 3/14/00. ( wildlife@mindex )

As a taxidermist/machinist,I have access to a wide assortment of machines,surface grinders,mills,lathes etc.Is the sharpening and turning of a blade something that can be done in a well equiped machine shop?Obviously anything is possible! Im sure I could set up and do the grinding,its the turning Im not sure about, how is that done?Or should I just forget this crazy idea and send my blades out

Probably not worth your effort

This response submitted by Keith on 3/15/00. ( )

You could do it with a tool post grinder, but you really need to grind both bevels at the same time to keep from having a burr. You might be able to get a decent edge with cutting tools, (my blades are 44 to 48 rockwell) but you'd probably get so much time in your finish cuts it wouldn't be worth it. I've been told you might be able to roll the ground edge over with a burnishing tool, but don't know anyone who's tried it.

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