Tumbler how does it work?

Submitted by Chuck on 3/9/00. ( )

I have gone back and looked at all of the posts from 1998 to present and how a tumbler actually breaks the hide is not explained. I have taken the time to find out how to break a hide by hand to make the hide soft and it is quite a proccess. In a tumbler just by flipping around like clothes in a dryer this will break a hide. And the sawdust it that to dry the hide and keep the fur fluffy or is that helping in the breaking procees also. Once again thank you for taking the time to quench my curiosity and fufill my desire for knowledge.

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This response submitted by Bob B on 3/9/00. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Just look down 3 questions below your own!
B. Rittel gave another of his famous FREE informative answers, that also answered
your question. Maybe you looked back to far (LOL)

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