Salt, then fold or roll...Whatis best.

Submitted by Steve A. on 3/13/00. ( )

When salting I have been folding flesh to flesh and then letting the liquid
drip out. Someone told me it is better to roll up and keep this salty
moisture in. I always thought that it is better to let this moisture
drain out. But maybe that's what happens when I do my own thinking. I'd
sure appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

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Never Roll!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/14/00. ( )

Rolling traps the liquids you want to leach out of the flesh! Always FOLD THEM and let those liquids drain away. I've always wondered whoever told everyone to roll their skins - it simply doesnt make sense! Even when you freeze them, it causes problems because they thaw unevenly, whereas folded skins thaw more evenly and quickly. I guess most people think they take up less freezer space - but the truth is, when you're ready to thaw them out - you want to thaw them quickly and begin the process! Stick with folding! Get rid of the blood, mucous and soluable fats!

Why do either

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/14/00. ( )

Always wondered that. Just leaving them open works well for us and has for years. The idea is to get the skin dry, so leaving them flat will speed up the process.

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