Dehairing: Never comes out...

Submitted by Trapper Tim on 3/13/00. ( )

Since hair slippage is always a major concern in tanning, you wouldn't think dehairing a hide would be too difficult. It seems the hair only comes out when you don't want it to...

I had this raccoon, and after washing it out I notice the hair was slipping real bad. No big deal, I've been wanting to tan a dehaired hide. So I through it in the dehairing solution. 3 days later I check to see how it's doing. Hair wasn't pulling out too easy. I check it again after another 3 days. Still not ready. 2 months later (thats 8 weeks!) the hair is tighter than when I began. The only thing I can figure is that my kid was playing a joke on me and dumped alum in with it. ???

Any other ideas?

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It would help - What did you use for dehairing?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/14/00. ( )

What did you use to dehair it? I use Hydrated Lime and it does an excellent job. Also - was the skin raw when you washed it? I think we all need some more info on what has happened, before someone can answer your question. Thanks.

Hair Off system

This response submitted by Mark on 3/14/00. ( )

We offer a complete Hair off system that you can make a paste
out of and apply it to the flesh side and fold then place in
a plastic bag. within 48 hrs the hair should start to slip.
If your paste is a little dry then just re-dampen it with a
spray bottle then place back into the bag. Once you push the
hair off then place into the delimer solution. Once delimed
no further pickling is necessary for most tanning.

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