Long term pickling solution

Submitted by Todd on 3/14/00. ( AkBillyBow@usa.net )

Does anyone know of a pickling solution that I can leave a hide in for an extended period of time? I have just finished fleshing and salting my hide, and I'm ready to soak it. I live in Alaska, and it is still winter up here. I need to leave it in the solution until warmer weather allows my to hang it to dry. I need a solution that will not harm the hide, or cause the hair to slip, if I leave it in the solution for 2 or 3 months.

Any help?? I am new to this, so you may have to explain it down to the very basics.

Thanks for the help,


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This response submitted by mike d on 3/14/00. ( the_taxidermist@yahoo.com )

Any pickle will hold your hide indefinitely if properly maintained.
The trick is to check the ph often and make sure it stays below 2.0.
I've had hides in pickles for over a year this way without problems.
However, there are some things you might want to think about;
if the hide is a lifesize with claws and kept wet a long time the
sheaths are likely to fall off the toes; they can be replaced with
a drop of superglue when you get around to mounting.
If you know it will be several weeks or more, why not hang the hide and let
it dry from the salt? It will keep a long time like that if you keep
it cool and dry, if your humidity is high, try putting a fan where
it will blow across the hide to aid in removing the moisture.

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