24 hr tanning method?

Submitted by Sean on 3/15/00. ( frizz@wtconnect.com )

Hi, I was showed a so called tanning method by a near by Taxidermist and was wandering if any of you have ever heard or tried it. I'm not really interested in tanning my self but I do like to learn all I can about Taxidermy, and everthing involved . This Taxidermist uses Vineger and only keeps the cape in for 24 hrs or sometimes a little longer. Thats all he does, nothing before and nothing else after. Is their any way that this actually tan's the cape.

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This response submitted by Sean on 3/15/00. ( frizz@wtconnect.com )

I should have read a little further down and I would have seen this very subject. But, it does seem that ya'll are saying its ok as a pickel . So I guess that you would feel that the cape should still be tanned . And in fact this method isn't tanning at all. But I must admit he has many mounts hanging aroung that he claims he used this tanning method and the mount seems to look ok. I was wandering if it was posible that he used the Vineger along with something else at the exact time to get him that 24 hr tan. I know for fact that the solution he pull's his cape out of to mount smells just like Vineger. I'v seen him pull it out let it dry a minute and through it on a form and go to town with it.

No tan

This response submitted by Frank on 3/15/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

It's just a pickle. If he's calling it a tan to his clients then he a liar. Hate to say it but it's true. Why don't you ask him to rehydrate his hide and remount it on another form. Bet ya he can't do it. Take a look at a mount that's at least 5-10 years old. Bet you find a lot of drumming and cracked skin. Bruce can elabrate more on this but no way no how.

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