day old fawn bsst tan

Submitted by robert on 3/15/00. ( )

whats the best tan for small (day old)whitetail fawn i live in small fishing village no freeze dry services close i use both liqua-tan and lutan-f THANKS FOR HELP

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/15/00. ( )

Use Liqua Tan if your going to mount it, Lutan if you want to do a dry tan, they'll tan just like a deer cape.

Better Idea

This response submitted by Chris Krueger on 3/16/00. ( )

Use formic acid tan or citric acid before Liqua Tan and Liqua soft.That's what I use on all my small mammals.


This response submitted by robert on 3/18/00. ( )

thanks guys taxidermy just a hobby this is a great site THANKS AGAIN

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