racoon tanning

Submitted by BJ on 3/15/00. ( )

A friend gave me a coon skin to tan. He skined the coon and thn put it on stretcher to let it air dry no fleshing and no salting he didn't do anything to it. My question is what do I have to do to get the hide ready for tanning? do I soak the hide in slt water or just plain water? any help will do thank you

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use acid

This response submitted by jamie on 3/15/00. ( )

i use formic acid,sat and water,but you could also use safty acid or
citric acid.this sets the hair while rehydrating

no fleshing?

This response submitted by deer woman on 3/15/00. ( )

Did he leave the fat on it? If so, and its alot, the skin may be rotten, as the fat seals in moisture, preventing the skin from properly drying.

one more thing

This response submitted by BJ on 3/16/00. ( )

he did not remove the fat he left outside in the wind, rain let it freeze, thaw anything and every thing is it even worth trying to tan thanks again

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