Salinometer use

Submitted by Damon on 3/23/00. ( )

I recently received a salinometer, purchased from Van Dykes catalog. I got it to be certain the salt content is correct in my pickle baths. Now, for the $10 million dollar question--How do I use it??!!
I tried floating it in the pickle bath, nothing happened. I feel pretty dumb, buying something I don't even know how to use, but I thought it would come with instructions..,anybody could shed some light on the procedure, I would be much obliged!

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been there.....

This response submitted by Mike Looney on 3/23/00. ( )

.....done that too! I'm supposing your salinometer is like mine, Okay? After adding and dissolving salt into your pickle, drop the meter into the solution and look at the water line. There is a scale inside the meter and where ever the water line strikes the glass meter is your salt level. In other words the higher the meter floats the higher salt content. The scale gets larger the further down the meter. Hope this makes sense....Mike


This response submitted by Len on 3/24/00. ( )

It is recommended that the salt content in the pickle solution should read about 40%. Approx 1 lb to per gallon. Now my question. What does this 40 % mean. I am taking the guess that the water has 40% of the amount of salt it can disolve. At a 100% no more could be disolved. Is this correct?

Thank You!

This response submitted by Damon on 3/24/00. ( )

^%Thanks! That makes sense...things tend to float higher in saltier water. For instance, I have heard that you cannot sink in the Dead Seas, due to the high salt content.
Now, 40%, I believe, means that the water is saturated (or is holding) 40% of the salt it can without a precipitate (salt no longer dissolving, or "falling" out of the suspended state it is in in the water)occuring.
Once again, thank you for your help! You guys who answer are great!

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