Tanning leaves a bad taste in my mouth!!!!

Submitted by Tony on 3/19/00. ( tholder85@yahoo.com )

I recently got two capes back from a tannery that were wet-tanned and sent back that way. My thinking was that I had not been successful at home tanning with an acid pickle and getting my neck size back after the tanning process, so I would send capes to a couple of different tanneries and see if that would work. Well, after much pulling, prying and cursing, I can safely tell you that this proceedure doesn't work, either. Case in point, the cape I am referring to was pre-fit to a 7x23 form just after being caped out and prior to being sent to the tannery. After receiving the cape, I worked for about 15 minutes and got it to finally go on a 7x21 form, but the seam on back of the neck likes a good 2 inches closing. My fears have become reality--a commercially tanned cape will lose neck size also. I am very frustrated, but no more so than the customer will be when he comes to get his mount and sees a full-rut buck that had a 23 inch neck that looks like a yearling!! I am still waiting on another cape that was sent to a different tannery that will have to be rehydrated, but I really dont expect it to fit the form it was prefit on either. As for my future mounts, I will be using one of three methods of preparing the cape, one-hour tan, Spray Tan or Bess Maid preservative. I have used these methods before and the customers were very pleased with their mounts. Will it last as long as a true "tanned" mount will? That remains to be seen, but I can tell you this much, when they come to get their mounts they will look like they did when they brought them in with no shrunk necks. As for the tannery I used, I will not mention the name on the forum, but I will be glad to discuss it with anyone via email.

P.S. I have used liqua-tan with the pre-tan process and it seemed to be a little better as far as not losing neck size and I probably will use this procedure in the future, also. I have since spoken to a professional taxidermist with many years of experience and he told me that I will never get the size back once it has soaked in an acid-pickle.

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just as there are lousy methods...

This response submitted by Bill on 3/19/00. ( )

There are also lousy tanneries. Im glad you didnt mention whose tanning you used as we dont want the "publicity" that it can bring! I can tell you that a good tannery that shaves well wont loose all that size you spoke of. As for your other choices, I personally would rather stick to a good commercial tan. I have found that I actually GAIN some size this way. That is MY opinion though, so good luck with your future mounts. Please dont feel the need to condemn the process, its not the problem here.

I agree with Bill, Tony...

This response submitted by Craig on 3/20/00. ( ctracker@rochester.rr.com )

I personally find a commercially tanned cape a pleasure to work with over one treated with dry preserve or any of the different types of brush on tans.

My suggestion to you at this point is to take a class with a reputable whitetail taxidermist to find out what is going on with this problem you are having. As I recall it has been some time since you last addressed this concern over the forum here and you haven't gotten any further along than you were then. Might be time for the next step.

The key words

This response submitted by Andy on 3/20/00. ( Andy @mindex )

that Bill aptly used are "shaves well".I have found that too be the key ingredient(well shaven hides),regardless of the tannage,for good stretch and proper fit to the form.

EZ-100 tans true to size!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/21/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Too bad they werent tanned with EZ-100. It tans a cape true to size, whether you do it, or you use a Tannery who uses it. Just in case, you are looking for a tannery that uses it, check out our Website (http://Rittelsupplies.net), and at its beginning you will see a listing button that will give you a list of all the tanneries now using EZ-100 exclusively in their process. If you need a cape tanned to the same original measurements, that has an indefinate shelf-life (will outlive us all), and is washable too - its the only tan that will give you all these qualities. Relaxing a dried tanned cape is easy! Simply soak it for 30 minutes in a solution of water and salt, one handful of salt to each 1 gallon of water, then remove it dripping wet, place it in a plastic garbage bag, tie it off, put it the frig overnight, and the next day you'll be pleased with the softness and stretch! AND its ready to prep and mount!

Where? Bruce

This response submitted by Barry Buras on 3/21/00. ( wildthings@astrosfan.net )

Could not locate the listing button on your website !!

it's there

This response submitted by philip on 3/21/00. ( pml003@beta.latech.edu )

when entering the site, click on the link <online pricelist and order form> on the top right corner of that page is the link you are looking for.

Whoa Buddy

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 3/22/00. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Any skin that isn't shaved, no matter what the tan used, isn't going to give you full size! I don't care whether it's E-Z 100, Lutan, TX-77, Aluminum Sulphate etc. EZ -100 isn't exempt, as I had a call recently from a taxidermist who used an EZ - 100 tannery, that apparently did a poor job of shaving, and he had to completely shave every cape once he got them back to even get them on the forms. Needless to say he's not going to use cheap and quick turn around next time which generally means capes not shaved real well.

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