Submitted by BJ on 3/26/00. ( )

Does anyone of an electirc hand held flesher instead of the air operated ones and if so how much and where could I get one? Thanks

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This response submitted by Mike on 3/26/00. ( mikieloo@statecom.net )

.....foredom tools are advertised in one of my supply catalogs, can't remember which one right now. Maybe someone else knows or I'll look it up later, anyway there's an adapter to fit a foredom tool. I've never used one since I'm satisfied with my flesh-all mini flesher. As you probably know a foredom tool is electric.......Mike


This response submitted by Larry on 3/26/00. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

Hide and Beak Supply Company is a full line distributor of Foredom tools. If you'd like a copy of our current catalog #119, visit our web site (guest book) at www.hidebeak.com, e-mail, or call us at 1-800-777-7916, and ask for one.

Buckeye Mannikins

This response submitted by Art on 3/26/00. ( )

Buckeye Mannikins also carry the Flesh all Mini Flesher


This response submitted by Steve A. on 3/27/00. ( )

I remember seeing one advertised in past catalogs.

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