salt vs. pickling???

Submitted by Trapper Tim on 3/20/00. ( )

I'll be going on a beaver trapping trip soon in the 'back woods'.
Since I'll be out there for a few days I'm concerned about what type of care I should give any beaver hides I might get.

I plan on tanning my hides as soon as I get back. But i'll be skinning any hides at camp. What would be best to prevent spoilage to the hides until I get back home? Should I salt them after skinning, or bring along a pickling solution and soak them in until I get bak?

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This response submitted by Mike on 3/20/00. ( ) and remove all the large portions on meat and fat. Salt liberally and leave for 24 hrs., shake out salt and resalt. Leave skins out flat if possible. Also if possible place skins on a slight incline to allow for drainage. I've done skins this way until they're dry. Rehydrate and pickle when desired. Then all you have to do to rehydrate is soak in cool water. Good luck.

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