Does anyone know of a good tannery close to charlotte,N.C.?

Submitted by Jeff Brooks on 3/29/00. ( )

I need a tannery closer to Charlotte. I was using US fur dressing but they are going out of business.I am looking for good quality work.

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Tannery in N. C.

This response submitted by Sandy on 3/29/00. ( )

There is a good tannery in Raleigh, N.C. I live on the coast of N.C.
and I send all my stuff there. The address is Carolina Fur Dressing Co.
900 Freedom Drive, Raleigh, N.C. 276l0. Phone # 9l9-23l-9933.
Sometimes I drive over to deliver my stuff. They will be glad to
take you through the plant, if you let them know you are comming.
If you will call them, they will send you a price chart. I have been
pretty pleased with the stuff I have sent them.
Good luck....

Seminole Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Jimmy on 4/14/00. ( )

We are located in Phenix City, AL. Have been in business for 18 years.
We would be gald to do any of you tanning. 334 298-1704

Sivko Fur over fourty years of experience

This response submitted by Paul on 4/22/00. ( )

Give Sivko Fur a try we have a great wet and dry tan. We have a six to eight week turn around and reasonable prices for a price list E-mail me at

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