tan freezerburned hides?

Submitted by Amanda on 3/27/00. ( amoors@cybertrails.com )

I have a javelina hide that has patches of freezerburned skin. I have rehydrated the skin by soaking in a bath with some relaxor. When I try and tan this hide, will those freezerburned patches tan or not? Will they tan but maybe not be as soft as the surrounding skin?


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Mine did OK

This response submitted by BigD on 3/27/00. ( ads61@gointer.net )


I just did a Mule Deer that has been in my freezer for over 4 years. It had
several freezer burned spots on it, too. I tanned it with a formic acid pickle and
Liqua-tan with no problems. It had one spot about the size of a 50 cent piece right
under one eye. When I rehydrated the cape, I used Knobloch's relax-r and I
couldn't find that spot under his eye. Mounted him up this past saturday with no problems.

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