ez100, how long will the solution stay viable?

Submitted by Amanda on 3/27/00. ( amoors@cybertrails.com )

I am going to be tanning several hides with ez100. If I mix up the tanning solution for one hide and after that hide is done I have more hides to do, will that original solution work? I know the solution has to be mixed based on the weight of the capes, so I would adjust it appropriately, but what I am getting at is will a solution of ez100 remain effective for several days or a week? Or is it only good for the 24 hrs you use it to do the original skins? I dont have any big containers, so it would be easier for me to tan one hide at a time, but if I reuse the original solution, it saves me money. Thanks in advance for the help!!

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You must replace the EZ-100!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/27/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

You can reuse the spent solution, unless its dirty. Then I would definately replace it and start over. Keep in mind that when you measure the hide weight and then add the EZ-100, its only enough for that one hide - so if you try to reuse it, the original EZ-100 is gone and you must definately put EZ-100 in - enough to tan the next skin. ALSO - what makes it difficult to reuse this solution is that you may also have to add a little salt too! Because you use so little - there is no reliable way to measure how much is left after the first cape.I would add 2 ozs. of salt per 1 lb. of skin weight just to be safe. Normally for consistent results - I tell people to start over and mix a new solution.

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