help, lots of furs to tan and little experience

Submitted by randy on 3/22/00. ( )

as you all may already know fur prices where way down. because of this i didn't sell my small beaver, fox, fisher and raccoon. if i could get these tanned i know that my 4$ beaver will turn into a 50$ beaver for instance. but i have very little experience with tanning. so if someone could give me step by step of what works best for them. ( everything i have is basically cased skinned, so now what do i do??????????)
ps many have already told me to send it to a pro, but i want to do it myself

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This response submitted by randy on 3/22/00. ( )

or maybe you you could give me an adress to a cite on the internet that has a good tanning method! i need step by step intructions!

Send me your mailing address!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/22/00. ( )

If you send me your US Postal mailing address, I'd be glad to send you our current pricelist and a copy of our instructions for our Rittels EZ-2000 Tanning Kit. It covers basic tanning step by step and our customers report excellent results. It produces a soft white leathered skin, thats' washable, and will probably outlive us both. It wont weaken with age.

Good Idea

This response submitted by Ken on 3/22/00. ( )

Rittels system yeilds high quality skins. I use safety acid pickle and EZ100 for all my skins. Ive done them in quantity and have yet to have a problem. Good luck...Ken

rittles the way to go

This response submitted by carl lewis on 3/22/00. ( )

I just did my first tanning under the directions of bruce rittle
and it was so easy, i should have been doing this 25 Yrs ago.
You can not go wrong

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