Commercial what?

Submitted by Andrew on 3/22/00. ( )

I just received my bear hide from the tanners today, now what?

How do I rehydrate and thin hide??? any help would be appreciated, thanks

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com. tan

This response submitted by al on 3/22/00. ( )

the very best answer would be to contact the tannery who did your tanning to get there recomdations. I say this since not all tanneries are using the same methods. me telling you my method of soaking and sweating
my not work or even cause loose hair especially with bear.good luck.

Relax R

This response submitted by Mark on 3/23/00. ( )

With most all tans you can use our Relax R, to rehydrate the
skin. Use 2oz to 5 gallons of water, with this wetting agent
it will help with putting some stretch back into the skin.
Keep you salt down to about 4oz per gallon if any at all.
You should notice a faster rehydration time.

Commercial what?

This response submitted by Andrew on 3/24/00. ( )

Thanks for the response guys, It seems easier than I first thought.

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