Question to bruce Rittel!!

Submitted by Mário Ferreira on 4/7/00. ( )

I have some questions to Bruce:
I am one of the three taxidermists operating here in portugal and all of us tan our skins ourselfs,using varied tanning méthods. I´m presently using formic acid and lutan F, a méthod explained in "The Jonas Technic" from Jonas Brothers.
The first question is:
In the tanning phase after picling can i change lipoderme Fur liquor for other tanning oil, protal for exemple?
the solucion must remain at 30 degres celcius? If So how?
My best wishes for you all.
Mário ferreira

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I'm familiar with that method!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/7/00. ( )

I used that method for many years, so I'm familiar with it. Lutan F is a good Taxidermy tannage, and Formic Acid plumps the skin well for shaving. You first asked about the oil used in the tanning formula. I eventually did not use oil in the tanning solution because I could see no advantage to its use. It didnt add lubrication, and in talking to old-timers about it, some of them said it was only used to keep the skins from sticking to each other, or folding over in the wet drums. You must also be careful in your choice of oils too! A non-emulsifying oil (one that does not disolve well in water) will leave your skins sticky and gummy. Most Tanners use the Lipoderm SO Oil with Lutan F. It has a charge and emusifies. I'm not familiar with the Protal Oil you mentioned - so I cant recommend it. But - I would assume that any good Sulphonated or Bisulfited Oil should perform well. As for your second question concerning the temperature of the tanning solution - I suspect that it was given as 30 degrees Centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenhiet) only as a guideline. Most tanning including the tanning I've done, ranges in temperature from 19-30 degrees Centigrade (65-86 degrees Fahrenhiet). Below 19 C the tan acts too slow and if too high - above 30 C it accelerates. Stay somewhere in the 19-30 C range and you should have excellent results! Best Wishes to you.

I will E-Mail you formulas!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/8/00. ( )

Mario - I will E-Mail you our formulas for using Lutan F and EZ-100 statically and also in the Auto Tanner. They include Metric measurements and using our new safe Formaldehyde replacement product PI-641 to prevent loose hair. I hope this will be a good reference for you.

thank you bruce

This response submitted by mário ferreira on 4/13/00. ( )

Thank you for the formulas that you send me.
Soon i will send you an order for a EZ100 Tanning Kit and other sings that i`m in need. I must Try it!
I have some more Questions to boder you again!
Everybody Talks about the autotanner!thas it really work?What are the principal advantages comparing with static tanning?
sorry to bader you again.
My best regards;
mário Ferreira

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