Advice on rehydrating an african bufallo cape

Submitted by Ferreira on 5/10/00. ( )

Please give some advice on the best way to rehydrate a cape of an african cape buffalo.
The cape is very big and very stif.

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Relax R by Knoblochs

This response submitted by Mark on 5/10/00. ( )

What you can use is our Relax R at a ratio of 1/2oz to each gallon of water, and 1/4 lb of salt to each gallon of water. Once the skin is somewhat pliable you can take it out of the solution and mix some Relax R with water at a 50% to 50% ratio of water and paint the solution directly on the skin and let sit for a few hours and then place back in to the solution. You will want to also add 2 more products to this One is Basacryl NBKU to retard bacteria and Bascal S
to also help speed rehydration.

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