hide tumbler plans?

Submitted by kelly on 5/10/00. ( )

is there any plans on the market today to build a large hide tumbler. also is there a company that may sell them?

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This response submitted by Luis Garza on 5/10/00. ( landkgarza@alpha1.net )

My tumbler is an old electric dryer that the heat probe went out. It works great,and only cost about $15-$20 to convert. I rewired it and had to silicone some holes that's all. You can buy them also just look up WASCO or Rittel or McKenzie etc.. etc.. all these guys can lead you in the right direction!

We sell Tumblers - and plans!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/11/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Rittels sells built Drums and Cages - shipped ready to plug and run, as well as plans to build them. Contact us if you need more information or visit our website - we'd be glad to talk with you!

If you go with the dryer idea!

This response submitted by Doug on 5/11/00. ( scheibs@ibm.net )

If you go with Luis's Idea, Try a gas dryer. You won't have to convert it
Just seal up the vent holes inside the dryer(Bondo work fine for this)
I also sealed the exaust vent on the outside of the dryer as well.
Ask around, You'll be amazed how many people are looking to get rid of
an old dryer..

Hope this helps


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