Best time to degrease when using Liqua-Tan?

Submitted by Mark on 5/23/00. ( )

When using Liqua-Tan on boar's, bear's, coon's, etc. when would be the best to use a degreaser such as Dawn. Should you put it in the pickle, degrease after pickling and shaving, or after tanning?
I've been told that the soap affects how the hide takes the tan. If this is true, should you also avoid using lysol in the pickle as a bacteriaside?
I appreciate any feedback.

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During the Pickle

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 5/24/00. ( )

You'll get your best results if you pickle the skin, shave it, make a seperate de-greasing solution (use a real de-greaser such as Kemsol, leave the dawn at the kitchen sink where it belongs) put the skins back in the pickle another day, then proceed with your liqua-tan. You can de-grease in the pickle, but doing it to a skin that's already been shaved means you're only de-greasing what actually needs done, and it won't takes as much product, plus you'll find it will do an even better job.

tanner degreaser

This response submitted by Dave on 5/29/00. ( )

I have found that the degreaser sold by Rinehart Taxidermy Supply Company is very effective. After your skin is pickled and shaved, but before placing your skin back in the pickle you add the tanners degreaser, then place your skin back in the pickle for a few hrs. This is very effective and does a good job on removing outer grease. To penatrate the inner grease, I use grease buster (sold by Bollmans) in the neutralizing soloution.

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