do I need to shave a fox hide,

Submitted by Leon on 1/1/01. ( )

I have notice that the red fox is quite thin, this is my fist time tannig a fox and I was wondering is it is necasary to shave it at all


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Yes there is a membraine on it too

This response submitted by John C. on 1/2/01. ( )

All hides must be shaved to remove flesh and the membraine that remains. this will speed tanning, if not rmoved it can stop chemical penetration. JOhn C./

I like to shave my thin skins on a.....

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/2/01. ( )

wire wheel, you can shave them on a flesher but I've had much better luck doing them on a wire wheel. My particular wheel has the wire cut short so it's stiff and breaks through the membrane easily.

definitly wire wheel

This response submitted by drew on 1/5/01. ( )

definitly try a wire wheel on the foxes, i use it on them all the time and they usually come out good, you also my want to try a knot wheel , which is stiffer than a regular one for the tough spots

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