Submitted by lance on 1/1/01. ( lnltaxidermy@hotmail.com )

I'm tired and need a good fleshing machine! I know all the manufacturers are gonna tell me that theirs is the best but I need facts to help me choose the right one! I don't want to have to go through this in 2 years again, i want to do it once and be done with it! My hands and wrists hurt from all the fleshing by hand! I never thought my buisness would grow to this extream this year! I can handle it but just need some guidence to ensure that I don't make a mistake !
Thanks Guys N Gals !

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Cape Master

This response submitted by Mark on 1/1/01. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

From everything that I have seen you get what you want with the capemaster. Go to www.knoblochs.com and shop online then click on equipment to get pictures. We have many people that you can contact and get a referrel on this machine. When I buy something I want to beable to use it now not go and buy 5 things to make it work. Once you order your machine and you get it all you have to do is mount it up on you table plug it in and go to work, this unit comes complete and ready to run. Read about this 1/2 hp unit that is totally inclosed and runs the smoothest.



I agree

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 1/1/01. ( )

I bought a cape master and it took me all of 2 capes to learn it to where I can shave it thin without butchering it. Besides, I know for a fact that Keith will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Great guy, great machine.

Dave Toms

Look thru the Archives, there are many response about them.

This response submitted by John C on 1/2/01. ( )

There are lots of responses about all the brands there. John C

John C is Right

This response submitted by George on 1/2/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

If you asked us, we both have the very best machines made, but we don't have the SAME machines. You will have to look and decide which one YOU will be pleased with.

click on the search button

This response submitted by Dave on 1/2/01. ( Dave )

move your mouse to the search on the left of your screen. Then type in {fleshing machine} wait about 15sec and you will have a good deal of information from people.


This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 1/2/01. ( fleshing@atreide.net )

Hi Lance,

There are a number of machines to choose from. Some are good some
are a scam. The price range is also very different. Usualy you get
what you pay for but there are exceptions. Most important is to
determine what your NEADS are and how much PROFIT a perticular
model will generate for you. A one man shop would have a hard time
to justify the expensive model considering he will use his machine
for five to ten weeks a year. A full time flesher is a different
question. For this reason, we have two models.

John's and George's suggestions are excellent, you may also try
asking different taxidermy schools. Usualy they have more than
one model to learn on, they can compare.

If you wish to contact me, call, toll free: 1-800-567-5080

Best wishes of the season to you all,


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