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Submitted by Lance on 1/2/01. ( )

a couple more questions,
How long does a blade last for this machine. (# of capes) Can I do detail work on this machine?
Also what is the maintainence on the machine consist of?How much for new blade ?Don't mean to be overbearing but this is a big investment and want to be sure !
Thanks for all your input guys!

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This response submitted by Dave on 1/2/01. ( )

Blade longevity depends a lot on the operator, If you are new on the shaving machine It might not last as long as It should, When I first got mine I think I did about 30 or 40. I over sharpen it. Now I can get about 60.befor I send it out. best thing to do is make sure it comes with a video tape or order one. It will save you a great deal of headaches. as for the blade cost most run about $50.00 Or stainless about $90.00. You can have them resharpened for about$20.00. and sharpening is limited. You will be very happy you got a shaving machine and wonder how you ever did with out one!


This response submitted by Mark on 1/2/01. ( )

Sorry Forgot to give the cost of this machine, it is $1,100.00 Complete, comes with 1 blade, extra ones are 58.00 and sharpening depends on how many you have. The maintanence is very little, it has TWO bearings so they will last longer and will bear more weight and work.


Hi Lance

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/3/01. ( )

Since it's my machine, I thought I'd try and answer your questions. Dave already gave you the run down on blade life, we don't use them near that much here in the tannery, but that's about what I hear from taxidermists.

We do all detail work with the shaver, including the lips and nose pads ( I draw the line at squirrel and mink lips though) but a lot of this has to do with experience.

As far as maintenance goes, we did have a bearing going bad in one of these here, so we replaced them both, they lasted for roughly 2000 skins. The machine I shave on has had roughly the same amount of work done on it, and we haven't done a thing to it yet.

We're not perfect, nobody is, but if we do have a problem we'll do everything we can until it's fixed. You can contact Dave Toms from the previous post, or either of these guys.

Lloyd at midwest tannery 402-654-2423

Gary Radtka 330-832-1784

feel free to call me also, and I'll be sure to give you my unbiased opinion :)

Keith 419-365-5321

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