Question for anyone using a pressure tanner

Submitted by kevin on 1/4/01. ( )

I recieved a pressure tanned deer cape from a client. Unknown taxidermist said it was pressure tanned. It has a very sticky residue on the hair and white particles. I have tried washing the hair but it has not helped. Hair is sticky to the touch, and matted. Ears are also very pink inside and look untanned. I lutan-F tan or use commercial. I've never seen something like this. Perhaps someone with experience with this method has insight. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like maybe.....

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/4/01. ( )

Kevin, Sounds like maybe the cape was pretanned and not shaved and finish tanned. Or possibbly tanned and not tumbled afterward. In any event I wouldn't trust it being tanned. Make a scalpul cut somewhere and see if there's a uniform white color throughout the cape. If so it may have been tanned, and like I said, just not tumbled to clean it up, although I've been using the tanner since it came available I've never seen what you describe and I've done a lot of experimenting. I want to reiterate......I wouldn't trust it being thoroughly tanned. No way to contact the fore mentioned "tanner"? and ask how long it spent in the tank and with what? Hope it works out for you.


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Well if it was pressure tanned {auto tanned} I would retan with lutan-f, That is by far the best tan! I have tried them all. Nothing holds up like a good ol lutan-f cape. treat it as a raw cape, salt,rehydrate, acid pickle with some tanner degreaser (that should get rid of the sticky crap} then tan.

Sounds like the oil.

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/4/01. ( )

I am by no means a pro at the auto tanner. But I have been using one for
a little bit. I had the problem with the sticky gummy hair once.
I then changed the way I tanned them. Instead of adding the oil to the tanner like
the instructions mentioned I tanned 2 hours shaved and tanned another hour and spun it
in the washer and oiled afterwards. No more sticky hair that way.

Todd B

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