Any one have use the fiber glass fleshing beams of Vandykes

Submitted by Leon on 1/5/01. ( )

Wondering if Any one have use the fiber glass fleshing beams of Vandykes, and if you think is worth it, they cost around $100.00


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This response submitted by DC on 1/5/01. ( )

bought one last year and i am veary happy with it .was worth the moneyBut if you want it this year you might want to check around .as my last order took 8 months i havent been back

To Leon & Mr. DC

This response submitted by Susie Smith on 1/5/01. ( )

Van Dyke Supply currently has the fiberglass fleshing beams in stock and they are ready to ship if you wish to order.

Mr. DC,
I am curious about your statement that it took 8 months for you to receive your fleshing beam - I am in the position of inventory control and would like to investigate your claim, please email me or give me a call at 1.800.843.3320 extension 208.

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/5/01. ( )

You'll find fiberglass vs. wood discussion somewhere, I'm sure I wrote on it somewhere. To make a long story short, a $30.00 dollar investmest in a wood beam will last you a lifetime. Spent many hours on beams, still do, had a fiberglass, left it in another state for a guy who didn't have a beam years ago.

got one!

This response submitted by frank on 1/5/01. ( dem2983 )

I got one of those about a year ago and regret it.The legs were made of pcv pipe and fit up into the bottom of the beam which has holes cast into the fiberglass.It has no braces on the legs at all,this makes it unstable and weak.If you don't work on reinforcing it first your hide and beam will end up on the floor.A poor design by anyone's standards.Sorry,just the truth.Boy do I feel better!

Got one for Sale

This response submitted by John Barber on 1/11/01. ( )

I bought one.....haven't used much...prefer my old wood beam. Would be interested in selling mine...A bargain at $50.00. E-mail me if interested. You pay shipping

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