lost one /need advice

Submitted by Frank on 1/6/01. ( dem2983@aol.com )

I lost a deer cape this morning due to slipage and may lose 4 moreif is'nt too late already,since i prepared all the same way.Heres what i done salted twice (hard),rehyd,pickled in auto tanner at1.0-1.5(sa) for 2 hrs,shaved,adjust ph,pickle again(2hrs)neutrailize,Liqua tan<roll up and set it next to heater covered with towel.Can anyone help? can i retan to save the other capes? What went wrong? thanks

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This response submitted by Frank on 1/6/01. ( dem2983@aol.com )

I forgot to mention that the cape was mine personally so i know it was in good condition. sorry about that.

Next to a HEATER? ah come on now!

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/6/01. ( )

With all the information on here about taking care of hides and keeping them cool!

Guess you learned that one the hard way. Do you have the WASCO BOOKS? I know they say to keep them cool.

Wgats the (sa) for?

If you had the pH correct I will put my money on the HEATER.

John C

Sweating those capes

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 1/6/01. ( )

JOhn C,

I guess Frank must have been trying to sweat those capes LOL.
Seriously, Frank, heat is never a good idea with any kind of
skin. Hope you don't lose them all. Not much you can do at
this point. You may be able to mount and don't touch them
until they are completely dry.

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