oiling taned skins

Submitted by Kurt on 1/6/01. ( )

I was reading some archives and I read a statement by Mr. Rittle that said
"All skins must be oiled after tanning-no exceptions" I use Bollmann's tanning
cream. It doesn"t say anything in the instructions about oiling the skin after it is taned.
Should I be oiling the skin or is there oil in the cream. Mr Rittle Help!

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It's probably already there!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/7/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Most tanning creams including our Rittels Kwik-N-Eze already contain the Oil needed. They are usually a combination of a tanning agent and oil - the trick is - they must be the "right" combination or it doesnt work. I think I can safely assume that the tanning cream you are using does already contain the oil. Have you called them to ask if it does? Since its not my product I'm purely guessing!

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