Warped tumbler

Submitted by Elmer on 1/7/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

I have a tumbler I havn,t used for a while and where the plate connects to the barrelhas bulged and causes the axle to turn with the bearing at an angle. I stopped running it until I can figure out how to get the bulge out. I have some Ideas but would like some input if anyone else has had this problem. The barrel is 30 gal blue plastic I suspect it warped from being in my shed in the cold.

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Warped Tumbler

This response submitted by George on 1/7/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

With jet engines we restored the shape of rubber and plastic parts by boiling them in soapy water. Since it would take a pretty big pot, why don't you try boiling some water and pouring it into the barrel after you remove it from the tumbler drive. Hope it works.

A flat peice of wood on the inside

This response submitted by John C on 1/7/01. ( )

Yep Geo's right about hot water, I put a peice of marine grade plywood on the inside of mine. Marine grade has no holes in the veneer and is glued with water resitanet glues, I also coated it with fpolyester resin to further help. John C


This response submitted by Elmer on 1/10/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

George and John Thanks for the response I can see the light better now I,ll try the Marine plywood and draw it tight and straighten the end out. Me being a former Marine I kick myself for not thinking of that and John if you ever fess up and say you saved a Marine you being a former tanker in the Army I will reach down and grap my go*&*^ and say yep.

Those Marines can march!

This response submitted by John C on 1/11/01. ( )

I am amazed how perfect those guys march. On the other hand I aint got no rythum, so I tried my best not to march in public. Dyslectic marching thats me.

general manager

This response submitted by waifk naguib on 3/24/01. ( uec1@globalnet.com.eg )


We wuld like to introduce ourselves as being one of the leading
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We would also like to inform you that we received an enquiry for the
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Prices will be CIF Cairo air port ( for light weight things ) and CIF
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Should receive your quotation - attached with full specs. & catalogues
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1 CTD EA 1
*Full complete CTD ñ personal CTD .
*Conductivity &temperature ( *c ) & depth & salinity .
*Connected with PC.
*Include memory .
* conductivity range : 0-7
* temp : -5 to + 35 deg. C
* Depth : 60 - 1000 m
* Memory : 8 MB

2 GPS· EA 1
Global positioning system supported ·
with Echosounder ( high resolution and range up to 1000 m )
. Graphic GPS navigator in compact water proof case .
Graphic display including the ships position , with Shipís track
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8 ñ channel GPS receiver for highly accurate positioning .
bearing and distance to go route planning and waypoints in
alphanumeric and graphic form ·
power supply : 10- 40 VDC , approx 10 W or
100/110/115/220/230 VAC.
PC connection .

3 Salinometer : EA 1
· For high salinity ( up to 50% ) with accuracy 0.02% ( Guild line

type ) .

4 Meter Wheel to 2000 meter : EA 2

5 Grap sampler : EA 2

6 Plankton net :
- 30 micron meter 10
- 55 micron meter 10
- 300 micron meter 10

7 Closing net nansen according EA 2
428 ñ500 Hydro bios

8 Seabed classification system:QTC EA 1

· interface with most echo sounders.
· Outputs data to a PC runing the supplied software or to chart
· Available fr specific frequencies in therange of 22kHz to 250
kHz .
· Provides accurate discrimination of seabed charachteristics .
· Low noise head amp with over 80 dB dynamic range .
· Intel. TM 486 DX2-66 processor & non-volatile memory .
· DC to DC power supply .
· External control via PC/RS-232C port .
· Analogue signal input from transducer .
· GPS input NMEA0183 standard .
· Output via PC/RS232C of depth & classification with
level .
· High strength extruded aluminium case with military connectors
sealed status indicator lights .
· RFI/EMI protection .
· Power consumption : 36 W @ 12 ñ 36 VDC .
· Temperature : 0 deg. To 40 deg.C . operating
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· Including PC laptop matched with the system .
· Software .
· Training of institute staff .

We hope to receive your offer ASAP .

United Engineers Co.
Fax No. + 20 3 542 2731

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