Retan with EZ-100 ?

Submitted by Petra on 1/8/01. ( )

I was wondering what problems could occur retaning hides that have been tanned before with that stuff called "Tanners Trapping Formula". All it is, is one liquid that you apply after soaking in salt solution. I don't even know what "sorta" tan it is. Anyone knows? I assume it's not waterproof. I got a fox as well as a few beaver tanned with that stuff. The fox looks ok....but he could be softer. And the beavers are tanned, but still pretty stiff (tho i fleshed and worked them really good, don't have a tumbler).
So, I'd like to retan all these with saftee acid and EZ-100. Is there any special precautions I should look for? Is it gonna throw my ph way off? Does anyone know what sorta tan this Trappers Formula is? Should I just try and wash the old tan out ? Or is just resoaking gonna be ok?
Too, when the fox would be only used for a I need to replace the earcartlidge or can i just leave it in and tan it with it?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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I think?

This response submitted by Rob on 1/8/01. ( )

I think trappers tan is just like liquid tan I have had great luck with tanning wall hanging furs.Try to break the hides a little more for softness or maybe try some more tanner oil on them.


This response submitted by len on 1/9/01. ( )

I have retanned Chrome tanned beaver (tannium) with ez. They turned out great. I think one of the main things you would have to be aware of is to degrease the oil out of them well before you picklle. Another thing now is a good time to thin that beaver out in the back. Use a rasp or sander. That thick back beaver is a hard task without a fleshing machine. Can't help you on the trapper tan.

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