Tumbling after Lutan F/Soft Tan

Submitted by Bob on 1/9/01. ( )

In reference to the instructions for Lutan F. The instructions read after the skin turns white it's dry, 3 or 4 days, then tumble. At that point the hide is stiff, which makes it a little difficult to cram into my tumbler. Maybe I should tumble it sooner before it gets to that stage? Might I be doing something wrong? I salt the cape, etc. From dry salt the skin goes into rehydration with Basacryl, then into the acid bath (oxonic crystals), flesh, acid bath again, from that point I follow the rest of the instructions.

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Yep...Been there

This response submitted by Rip on 1/9/01. ( )

Same here pardner. I really don't think that the 30 minute tumbling is supposed to soften the skin but rather help 'break' up the skin fibers and clean the hair.

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