shrinkage problem

Submitted by Jeff on 1/11/01. ( )

My son and I just recently completed out first whitetail mount,we used entirely [a supply company] products and the finished mount looked nice,however now some 4 weeks after we are experiencing some serious shrinkage problems.The product we used that I'm having doubts about is called Dry-Tan.We folowed the instrctional video to the word and now I'm wandering what did we do wrong,or if this is a common problem.Can anyone suggest a better method of tanning with less shrinkage,any help would be greatly appreciated.Jeff

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Dry tan

This response submitted by Joey on 1/11/01. ( )

The "dry tan" you speak of is not a tan. It is dry presertive,pure and simple. If you want capes with no shrinkage, then use Rittels easy 100, or send them to a commercial tannery such as New Method,
Carolina Fur dressers, and many more listed in this forum. I am not advocating any particular one, as they all do good work


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In case you didn't guess how your input got transcribed, "a supply company" is not one of the most reputable and their techniques follow that regimen. The "dry tan" would have worked much better had you used a good adhesive. Water based/latex based adhesives cannot withstand the tremendous pressures of a drying deer hide. I recommend Epo-Grip which is a two part epoxy and will hold even the strongest of hides shrinking. On this forum, his "dry tan" is referred to as DP and to even mention it isn't politically correct in some corners. Of course, everyone uses it to some degree, but most of them lie about it. LOL

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/11/01. ( )

You will be best off just "living" with your drummed head.

There are taxidermists out there that mount heads just like yours, and they don't even USE a hide paste. (by the way---Dirty Dan's isn't very good to begin with--too much clay in it. however his DP is some of the best)
These taxidermists just sew them up and let them drum. the longevity of the mount won't be affected, but it will have less detail than properly mounted critters.

At 4 weeks you should have just removed your detail carding or pinning. if you removed it earlier(or didn't pin the details at all) then that is your error.

probably by 2 months it has done most of it's shrinking, and you should re-examine the facial features to see if any filling is necessary(use all-game to do the face-work, not wax)
it probably won't be worth the effort to try to "fix" this mount, just use a better paste(like epo-grip) next time.

browse the archives for more info on mounting methods.

if you don't feel confident enough to use epoxy, then use caulk. it won't drum if you pin the details until it is dry.

Good luck

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