Advice, info for getting a hide garmet tanned

Submitted by Terry on 1/11/01. ( )

I have a customer who is wanting to make a coyote coat. I was going to send the salted hides to be commercial tanned and the tannery said this would not work, it needed to be garmet tanned. I did a search and didn't find much in the archives. What I did find said most garmet products have a lining. If so, can you use a commercial tan or do you still need it "garmet tanned"? Also, if you need a garmet tan, who do you recommend? Thanks, Terry

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This response submitted by Jhart on 1/11/01. ( )

I have an address for "DAKOTA LEATHER WEAR". I have never used them so I can't tell you anything about them. They advertise that they will make Coats and Vests using your hides or theirs. You may wanna give them a call and talk to them. The latest address and phone number I have is: Dakota Leather Wear 6331 W. McKinley Phoenix, Arizona 85043 Phone # (602) 936-8321. Hope this helps


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Moyle Mink and Tanners, all the trappers seem to use them, I have been using for a bunch of years now, garmet tanning is what they do, very good job too, esp on beaver pelts.They are just known as Moyle, but they raise mink too.I met some of their people at the National trappers Association convention this year, very nice and very good at shaving beaver pelts( they did a demo).Their web address is, I recommend them very highly.


This response submitted by Terry on 1/12/01. ( )

Thanks for your assistance! Looks like what I needed. Terry

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