Fleshing and I cant get it all off

Submitted by Andy C on 1/11/01. ( )


Had fox in pickle for 3 days, then started fleshing. Any suggestions on getting that thin membrane off. Will degreasing with Super Solvent help dissolve any of the stuff away. It doesnt seem to all want to come off, is it that important that all of it come off before I go to tan? There so thin skinned anyway...

Thanks for any input!

Andy C. - OTZ, AK.

Andy C - OTZ, AK.

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Try one.........

This response submitted by Paul B on 1/11/01. ( mr.trout@att.net )

of the new Matt Thompson fish knives, in the large size. They work great for getting the membrane off of fox and other small mammals too.

You can get them from most of the major suppliers.


wire wheel

This response submitted by dave on 1/11/01. ( imagetxmy@worldnet.att.net )

Andy, I use a wire wheel to flesh my foxes, also known as a
bird flesher. This works very well.

sand paper

This response submitted by joe on 1/14/01. ( )

i tried using sand paper after the hide is tanned it helps alot and even softfens the hide somewhat be careful to use a really fine grain

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