# of capes in tumbler?

Submitted by Ramo on 1/12/01. ( )

I am in the process of making a tumbler out of an old dryer. I was wondering how many deer capes you can or should put in it at once. I use the LutanF tanning solution, and I like the hair to be almost completely dry before mounting. Someone said to tumble for a while (How long?) and then change the sawdust and tumble until dry. Is this just for one cape at a time?

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This response submitted by dave on 1/12/01. ( imagetxmy@worldnet.att.net )

Ramo, I only tumble 2 capes at a time. I keep my sawdust as dry as
possible, but I also spin dry my capes in an old washer, so I dont
have very much water in them. I tumble for 10-15 min., and change
sawdust about every 10-15 capes.

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