Bad hide in pickle

Submitted by Chris on 1/12/01. ( )

My question is about pickling. I know I have a bad hide in my pickle right now, I am wondering if it is a bad idea to place a good hide into the same pickle along with the bad hide. The pH level is at 2.0. I am also planning to put a fox skin into it too. I appreciate any answers.

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What's cheaper

This response submitted by PaulB on 1/12/01. ( )

What's the cost of a new batch of pickle as opposed to the cost of a new deer hide and fox? Why risk it?


Properly maintained pickle should...

This response submitted by BobB on 1/12/01. ( )

If your pickle is properly maintained in the salt range and pH range, the
bacteria on the "bad" skin will be destroyed long before it would then infect
your good skin.

It's always a good idea to maintain your pickles, if you plan to keep adding
hides or capes (ie salt% and pH)

I Agree with Paul

This response submitted by Dan on 1/12/01. ( )

If you already took 2 hours to prep those hides for the pickle, At least spend the couple bucks to make a new batch, and use bacteriacide with it.

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