Tanning .. what to use

Submitted by Duane. A on 1/12/01. ( )

Looking for a easy but good tanning product to tan small to large--deer size capes THANK YOU.......

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I like ez tn 100

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 1/12/01. ( )

I've tried just about everything out there. Some work, some don't. Formic acid and liqua tan work. But I like the simplicity of Rittle's EZ tan 100 and it gives great results. I did my first moose with it this year and it beat anything I ever did before. Lot's of choices just pick out a rep product and follow the directions. Good luck

Dave Toms


This response submitted by RICK on 1/14/01. ( )

Give Rhineharts Tanning Cream a try. You flesh it,salt it for at least 3 days cream it and let penetrate overnight and your ready to mount or freeze it.No Hazardous waste to have to dispose of.Its fast,easy and reliable. Rick.

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