Advice on having hides commercial tanned in South Africa

Submitted by Kevin at KD Taxidermy on 1/14/01. ( )

I have a couple clients hunting South Africa in June. Outfitter suggests having specimens commercial tanned there, claiming it avoids dipping/packing and some customs hassles. I have no info on any tanners there or the quality. If anyone has worked with hides tanned over there, or can recommend a tanner to contact in SA, please advise.
Thanks in advance.

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South African Tanning

This response submitted by Bob Lauritsch on 1/15/01. ( )

I just hunted South Africa in May in 2000 and was also thinking
of having my skins tanned there, but my outfitter recommened to have
them tanned in the U.S. It really doesn't speed things up much with
customs and at least you know the type of tanning you will get here.
I had mine tanned by East Coast Tannery and they did a fantastic job.

african tan

This response submitted by jim marsico on 1/15/01. ( )

Ive had clients capes tanned in So. Africa once. It was a disaster, they were really bad. I went to So. Africa a few years ago and visited a tannery/taxidermy shop. It was diff. from the one that tanned the 1st. capes and thier tanning was mediocer at best, I guess if you could wet tan it like they were for themselves it was ok but not even close to what a good tannery in the US can do. This is my limited experience anyway on thier tan.

S africa

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/15/01. ( )

There are some real concerns right now with hides coming from South Africa. Tanneries here are pooling together resources to figure out if its the salt, the methods, etc. Those hides are really not in tannable shape. No offense, but having them tanned out there doesnt seem to be an option, as the shelf life on tanned hides isnt any better than the salted skins coming back. Hate to say this, but if you get them tanned there, you might wanna just have them mounted there as well. Im from the states, so Id rather mount them here, but I wouldnt want to be responsible for mounting specimens tanned there, though. Again, this isnt a slight against any of the talented artists in South Africa, its really a salt/drying/curing issue. To the point that I cringe when folks come in and tell me, "Hey, we are going to Africa, SOUTH africa"!

concern of double butt splits suppliers in s/africa

This response submitted by Mr, GS, Moon. on 2/26/01. ( )

Dear suppliers in s/africa.
We are two tanneries in korea & china.
We concern about double butt suppliers in south africa area.
If any,
Please do not hesitate to offer and full spec above e-mail.
Other mail is hankuk88@cholliannet.
will appreciate for your deep interest and quick reply.
B, Regards.

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