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Submitted by Aaron on 1/15/01. ( )

I posted this message last week with no response. Usually I have great luck, so, I'll try again. I am wanting to use blood X in a rehydration solution. Problem is with the two hour limit on blood X. I am afraid the cape will require mor time than 2 hours. Should I rehydrate first and then use the blood X. Also, do I need to neutralize after using the Blood X before the pickle? Many thanks.

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This response submitted by Bbill Yox on 1/15/01. ( )

Call the manufacturer or supplier to be sure. If I used it in the pickle, I would then add to a clean pickle afterward, if you need it in the pickle. I personally prefer to salt them, pickle, THEN degrease, deblood, etc, and then throw back into the pickle again.

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