Tanning first hyde/confused about contradictions, need help!

Submitted by John on 1/17/01. ( JoutlawS@aol.com )

I am tanning my first dear hyde with the fur on. I have removed the fat and meat, stretched and tacked, salted for 24 hours, scraped and then resalted for one week. I was told to try an Alum submertion solution, using the Alum and adding enough salt until a raw egg floats. Submerging the hyde for 24 hours in the Alum solution. Then neutralizing in baking soda and water for one hour. Damp drying and adding neatsfoot oil and hand working hyde for up to three days while reapplying neatsfoot oil. Will this work? Is the Alum formula correct? Books I have read tell me submerging for any length of time will loosen hair. Can a clothes dryer be used instead of by hand?

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worked for me

This response submitted by lee on 1/18/01. ( )

i tanned a bobcat this way about seven years ago
it still looks great and no hair slip yet.
i didnt use soda though. or the egg.
when your hide dries itll be hard as a rock.
i had to spend alot of time oiling and working
over a baseball bat.

im no expert by far but i hope i helped

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