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Submitted by Jeffery Smith on 1/18/01. ( jjsmith@localnet.com )

I'm using the EZ-100 and am curious why salt is added to this solution ,I read alot about how impotant it is to rinse out capes good after pickling to get the salt out,because if you don't it will make the skin sweat during humid summer weather.Like I said i'm just curious,i'm new at this
Thanks for your time
Jeffery Smith

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This response submitted by JEFF S. on 1/18/01. ( )

I meant IMPORTANT,sorry

I'm not Bruce...

This response submitted by will on 1/18/01. ( willywill59 )

But salt is used for a buffering agent. If you want the real uses of buffers there are a ton of chemical equations with +'s and -'s that really doesn't matter. The important thing is after a skin is tanned in your shop the salt has done it's job and now it's a by-product that needs to be rinsed away!

Help me out here, Bruce!


Salt is your Insurance!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/18/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

In the Tanning solution - Salt acts as an insurance to prevent any swelling of the skin during the tanning process. It has no other purpose there except as that. If the skin was acidic when placed into the tan and it swelled, it would prevent the tanning agent from tanning it evenly. The swelled fibers would prevent uniform penetration because they tend to tighten when swollen. It should ALWAYS be used in a tanning solution. Its considered good insurance!

Are all pickled and neutralized skins somewhat acidic - YES! Even tho you neutralize the "outside" of the skin, the center of it is usually still slightly more acidic than the outside. It's OK but this is where the small amount of Salt in the tan is important in protecting the skin.

After you have tanned the skin - give it a quick rinse with plain Water and then let it drain before oiling. Just like the neutralizing bath that gets rid of a lot of the excess Salt from the pickle, this rinse after the tan will get rid of any excess Salt from the tanning solution.

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