wet tanned hide came back without the ears split

Submitted by Tedd on 1/18/01. ( )

My bear rug came back from being tanned, but the ears had not been split. Do I need to use tanning cream inside the ears after I split them for mounting on my rug shell. If so, how long do I need to let the cream work before I can go ahead and paste the ear inserts in? Thanks for the help-Tedd

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Ears Split

This response submitted by George on 1/18/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Your cape came back without the ears being split is a very good thing. No one likes sewing split bear ears. However, I sense the YOU didn't TURN the ears before you sent it and the tannery, in lieu of charging you big bucks for doing what you're expected to do, tanned it without turning the ears.

I think you can safely assume that the ears have been properly tanned on both sides and now you need to turn the ears in order to get earliners in them. It won't be nearly as easy now as it would have been before you salted it, but it can be done and must be to look proper. Use a very SHARP scalpel and delicately work your way to the ear tips from the back side. As I use liners, I'd have to remove the cartilage, but if you use Bondo, you can stop here and finish your ears for the mount.

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