how do you do the first fleshing of your hide?

Submitted by Leon on 1/19/01. ( )

I was wondering when you do the first fleshing of your hide, do you flesh with the fleshing machine,,,or you do it by hand to get the big stuff out and then use the fleshing machine . How long it took you to get the hang of the fleshing machine..? do you use the machine to flesh the face and all....? I just got a DAKODA IV , seems like is small and slow but i guess it is enough for me becasue I still end up putting a few holes in the skin? any idea how long does it takes before you can eliminate the hole making from your brain....


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This response submitted by Mark C on 1/19/01. ( )

I use the larger Dakota. Big chunk's you can take off with knife but you don't have to. Set your front guard showing about 1/8" of blade and back guard flush with blade. I like to keep lip of blade at 0 degrees or slightly less for fleshing green capes, but turn up slightly for shaving pickled skins. Dull blades or improper angle, cause you to pull hard against machine and then you cut holes. Let the machine do the work, not your arms and keep the blade sharp. Hold your cape correctly without wrinkles. A couple issues ago in Breakthrough, there was an article about fleshing, look it up. I'm probably slow but it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to do an entire cape, although I still do the lips, nose and eyes by hand afterwards.
Hope this helps.
Mark C

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