Preserve horse hoof as ornament, how please?

Submitted by S Goldfield on 1/19/01. ( )

Companion horse died early December. Staghound kennels collected body and horse is now re-cycled into staghound puppies! Hoof and interior tissue complete with iron shoe (rusting a bit)is wrapped up and in freezer. How to preserve it and then polish and turn into object, possibly metal lid engraved with name and so on. Suggestions welcome. Past suggestions please repeat answer deleted in error.

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Look in the archives I cover it in December or November

This response submitted by John C on 1/19/01. ( )

use the handy little search button on the left. John C

Tried the archive about the horse hoof without success

This response submitted by S Goldfield on 1/20/01. ( )

Can you possibly answer again - my family are not too pleased about the contents of the freezer featuring my dead equine's whole foot!

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