Tanning an African bushpig

Submitted by Dave Jones on 1/19/01. ( djones6752 )

I just received an African bushpig and was wondering if I can tan it like any other salted cape. This is my first experience with an african animal,but I have tanned many other mammals myself.The cape is salted.Do I go ahead with the pickling or is there another step that I have to do? Thanks!

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Think Twice

This response submitted by Dan on 1/19/01. ( Perdix2@hotmail.com )

I don't do any tanning myself, I always send everything out. If I did I certainly would'nt want to do any african game. Before a hide leaves Africa it is dipped in some very nasty chemicals. To prevent any transfer of disease etc. They definately aren't good for your health. Did you notice the funny smell and the white powder residue... That's the stuff. All swine have to go through a quarantine period also. They are probably covered with more chemicals at this point. I don't even handle the raw skins without rubber gloves. Nope would'nt do it. It's plenty cheap enough to have them tanned.

send them out

This response submitted by Larry R on 1/21/01. ( larry@wildlifeartistry.com )

Dave, I do most of my own tanning and have done some african skins, mostly the little stuff in house. The bigger stuff like Kudu, warthogs etc I send out. I use New Method and I can tell you they do a much better job than you will ever be able to do. You will also get more strech if you send them out. African skins are just hard to work with and I agree with Dan they got soem nasty stuff on them.

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